Our Finances

More than a hundred million US dollars has been donated to CHS over the past decade.

Why Work With CHS?

CHS has demonstrated the ability to efficiently utilise resources in the implementation of HIV and TB programming in the country.

The last NGO’s Coordination Board report recognised CHS as the 4th in the utilisation of funds on projects and 5th top-funded NGO in the country. The figure below highlights the CHS funding portfolio over the last 10 years.

Total Receipts From Donors

A cumulative total of USD 196,105,364 was received by donors between 2010 and 2020 representing a cumulative 41,625 percentage growth in funding.

Number Of Subawardees Supported

Number Of Subs Healthcare Personnel

Statutory Audits Conducted On CHS

Total No. of Audits Conducted from 2010: 51

CHS Employee Establishment

Health Facilities Renovation Expenses

Total Expenses on Renovation of Health Facilities: USD 2,559,789

Renovated Health Facilities

Total Number of Renovated Health Facilities from 2010: 50

Motor Vehicle Acquisition Costs

Total Expenses on Vehicle Acquisition: USD 2,642,750

Medical Equipment Procurement Costs

Total Expenses on Procurement of Medical Equipment: USD 1,277,133

Purchase Of Computers And Peripherals

Total Expenses on Purchase of Computers and Peripherals: USD 4,788,924

Furniture And Fittings Costs

Total Expenses on Furniture and Fittings: USD 644,700