CHS is a local, not-for-profit organisation. We understand the local context, make use of local expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure we implement evidence-informed solutions and interventions to existing and emerging public health concerns.

Our Approach

CHS aligns its work to national and international public health priorities to support the achievement of local and international goals and objectives through innovative health solutions that address existing and emerging public health needs.

Guided by our third strategic plan (2021-2025) and with a commitment to improve health outcomes, CHS works in partnership with government, donors, other stakeholders and local communities to complement and synergise the delivery of sustainable health services.

We are committed to consistently serve communities across Kenya through the implementation of HIV and TB services while strengthening all the core components of the health systems. These include supportive functions such as laboratory and pharmacy systems, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), human resources for health, health care financing and leadership and governance.


A world of healthy families through universal access to health interventions and services


To optimize delivery and use of health interventions to communities through evidence-informed solutions, innovations and research to address existing and emerging public health needs

Our Strategic Goals

All of Society Well-Being through a Healthy Public Approach, Adaptive to Local Evidence
Engage Inspired and Multi-Competent Individuals in a Flexible Work Environment
Optimize Adaptable, Responsive and Innovative Technology for Operational and Programmatic Excellence
Leverage Brand Positioning for Impact
Grow CHS Current Business and Develop a Social Enterprise through Innovative Approaches

The right to health is one of a set of internationally agreed human rights standards and is inseparable or ‘indivisible’ from all other rights.

~ World Health Organization

Highlights of our ten year journey

2010 - 2015

July 2010

CHS legally registered

October 2010

CHS begins formal operations as a sub-partner for ICAP in Central Province (MCAP Project) with a budget of $470,000, supporting 27 facilities

2016 - 2020

August 2016

CHS received CDC award to support the implementation of HIV prevention, care and treatment services through its SHINDA and Naishi project

CHS received a grant from the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) to support communication and advocacy activities of the NTLD-Program in readiness for the national launch of child-friendly TB medicines.

September 2016

Launch of the child friendly TB medicines

Over 10 Million Kenyans reached with TB/HIV Prevention Treatment and Care Services